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HSA-014 Brush

HSA-014 Brush

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Our new product Kuzmin™ HSA-014 Brush (High Speed Brush with Abrasive bristles) is a next generation of ski roto-brushes. The habitual roto-brush is designed to be attached to electric drill by chuck. Usually such solution cannot provide more than 2900 rpm and accompanied by significant eccentric oscillation.

Kuzmin™ HSA-014 Brush is a further development of our own HSA Brush. For a better finish has HSA-014 Brush thinner and longer bristles.

The Kuzmin™ HSA-014 Brush is designed to be attached to angle grinder (a handheld power tool). To angle grinder with a most common M14 spindle. The solution provides up to 12000 rpm and practically total lack of eccentric oscillation. The brush’s bristles are made of high quality nylon impregnated with silicone carbide particles.

Thus, this combination – high rotation velocity and soft abrasive nylon bristles cleans the ski base very effectively but gently. If you want to freshen up the ski running surface, but do not want steel scrape them, then you should benefit from the brush. And much, much more.

Good fast ski glide is provided only just by a simple lubricant – water. The water film can be too thin to guaranty a satisfactory ski glide, when weather is cold. Under dry cold snow conditions we have to do all best to utilize available melt water film as effective as possible. By this reason we have to minimize roughness of ski running surface.
If you want to reduce the sliding surface roughness, but do not want to apply the Drum, then you should benefit from the brush again.

Another use of Kuzmin™ HSA-014 Brush is the treatment of stone ground skis. A cardinal way to be rid of micro hair and gray-white areas on the ski base is steel scraping. But even HSA-014 Brush can help very well with the above problems.

Though we do not recommend to glide wax skis, we have to point out, that Kuzmin™ HSA-014 Brush works very well even on glide waxed (hot waxed) skis.


Please, see the Demonstration.

Do not forget to screw the HSA-014 Brush on angle grinder's spindle very tight!

Always use safety goggles!Goggles

HSA-014 Brush

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