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Kuzmin™ 018 Plus (+) Ski Scraper


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Kuzmin™ 018 Plus (+) Ski Scraper. With the new, more aggressive geometry!  Most effective at temperatures above +3 Celsius.

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Kuzmin™ 018 Plus (+) Ski ScraperWith the more aggressive edges’ geometry for more effective results.

For optimal structure at warmer temperatures, we have to employ a rougher surface. Plus provides the same random structure as Universal but the depth of the structure becomes deeper/coarser. From the aeration point of view, such pattern works very well. Most effective structure at +3 °C and warmer. During wet snow, you should also use a texture tool (riller), such as XRiller, for maximum glide. Even the steel scraping is much faster with this scraper.

The design is different in comparison with our early ski scrapers: All early ski scrapers have four edges; the Blade-018 has two edges.

There is a quite hard to get all four edges (Kuzmin™ 014) equally sharp, because of grinding wheel rotation and scraper’s geometry.

By the new geometry it is possible to grind both edges of Blade-018 fairly equal and with very similar burrs on all Blade-018.

Another important reason to go with Blade-018 design is to save on material (HSS). So far the ski scrapers are a disposable tool. However, with a new design we reduce weight of the non-refundable part of the Kuzmin™ 018 Ski Scraper – Blade. By this reason, we make the new ski scrapers even more environmental friendly.

Kuzmin™ Plus (+) Holder

The two parts construction of the new ski scrapers allows us to make ergonomic grip of the scrapers – Kuzmin™ Plus (+) Holder. The holders are thicker, higher and wider in comparison with the Kuzmin™ 014 Ski Scrapers. Nevertheless, the holders provide the similar angles against the ski running surface (SRS). Thus, anyone, who already familiar with our Kuzmin™ 014 Ski Scrapers, will be able directly use the new 018 model.

014 vs O18 Models

  1. The Kuzmin™ 018 Plus is much more aggressive, more powerful and efficacious. Please, be careful. No need to press down the scraper! Additionally, the Kuzmin™ 018 Plus makes distinctly deeper random structures;
  2. The Kuzmin™ 018 Universal is more efficient. However, the SRS topography after treatment is very similar to 014 model;

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