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Kuzmin™ Universal (U) Holder


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Kuzmin™ Universal (U) Holder. 

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Kuzmin™ Universal (U) Holder

For optimal glide, there is an advantage of random patterns. This is confirmed by several tribological studies. Most effective at temperatures between +3 to -12 Celsius. You may also use a texture tool (riller), such XRiller, for maximum glide.

The design is different in comparison with our early ski scrapers: All early ski scrapers have four edges; the Blade-017 has two edges.

There is a quite hard to get all four edges (Kuzmin™ 014) equally sharp, because of grinding wheel rotation and scraper’s geometry.

By the new geometry it is possible to grind both edges of Blade-018 fairly equal and with very similar burrs on all Blade-018.

Another important reason to go with Blade-018 design is to save on material (HSS). So far the ski scrapers are a disposable tool. However, with a new design we reduce weight of the non-refundable part of the Kuzmin™ 018 Ski Scraper – Blade. By this reason, we make the new ski scrapers even more environmental friendly.

Universal (U) Holder

The two parts construction of the new ski scrapers allows us to make ergonomic grip of the scrapers – Universal (U) Holder. The holders are thicker, higher and wider in comparison with the Kuzmin™ 014 Ski Scrapers. Nevertheless, the holders provide the similar angles against the ski running surface (SRS). Thus, anyone, who already familiar with our Kuzmin™ 014 Ski Scrapers, will be able directly use the new 018 model.

014 vs O17 Models

  1. The Kuzmin™ 018 Plus is much more aggressive, more powerful and efficacious. Please, be careful. No need to press down the scraper! Additionally, the Kuzmin™ 018 Plus makes distinctly deeper random structures;
  2. The Kuzmin™ 018 Universal is more efficient. However, the SRS topography after treatment is very similar to 014 model;